[knock.on.wood] was initiated through an exploration of personal cognition in which I psychoanalyzed and subsequently surfaced the fundamental significance of my own rituals and superstitious beliefs. this thesis aims to catalyze a sustainable reformation of materialism and renovate the “valuable architecture” of object in which we fabricate our physical and cerebral identities.

the [physical] lingers in suspension_ embodying a complex dialogue between craft, material and design communication. [knock.on.wood] attempts to render equilibrium while challenging the conventional age-old craft of knitting through hybrid, engineered means of modern laser fabrication and material_ each knitted crystal connotes superstitious value. the textile, garment and collection represent a holistic archetype functional both within the tangible and psychological realm.

Presented, Made Fashion Week [Milk Studios] Spring 2015 

Exhibited, GUCCI Headquarters [5th Ave.]

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