[26th St. & San Vincente Blvd.]

the first of it's kind-- the STARBUCKS RESERVE located in Santa Monica, California is a high profile concept Bar featuring only Starbucks RESERVE boutique coffee & crafted experience.

an evolution from the traditional RESERVE experience-- this new retail environment streamlines the user experience in relation to crafted coffee programs, barista interaction and café experience. a space which understands its daily evolution and consumer demographic; versatile to function: from the morning commuters to evening users seeking apertivo's and crafted coffee cocktails.

schematic and interior concepts developed to showcase this theatrical coffee experience within the context of the Californian café identity. the experience reflects contextual materials & abstracts the [vertical] ideation of our "California Landscape" through customized RESERVE Card Art wall, wood geometric "crust" and live green wall integration.

construction set to begin: October 2018 (store to open, January 2019)

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