[Sunset Blvd. & Mohawk St.]

the ever-evolving Echo Park neighborhood is a myriad of cultures, music & arts: casual, eclectic, fine, and sometimes luxurious. once a laundromat, the renovated building is now an active hub of restaurants and various neighborhood services housed in a lofty glass, mid-century inspired building.

the Starbucks RESERVE suite opens-up to a lush exterior landscape. an “Oasis” for coffee lovers, the RESERVE Experience Bar hosts many different brew methods: Cold-Brew, Nitro Tap(s), Siphon, Clover, and a manual Black Eagle Espresso machine are set apart from the traditional Starbucks espresso bar.

with a rose gold frame, the RESERVE island counter is the focal point. the layout acts as a lofted space, designed with fluid and logical connections between counters, merchandise, and multiple seating zones. large-scale Macramé intervenes the tall space with choreographed movements; 3D knotted sculptures drape and interlock, creating both surprise and drama while integrated geometric panels participate with the built structure. the surprising tension created between the rigid, industrial architecture and the imperfect macramé captures the eclectic narrative of the community within this store… a true expression of our RESERVE coffee & experience.

store opened: March, 2018

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